Frequently asked questions

How long are opening speeches?

At FARISMUN, all opening speeches have a one minute time limit except for the Security Council committee opening speeches which will have a time limit of two minutes. For more information on opening speeches check out our FARISMUN delegate guides and handbook: HERE

What are "Blocs"?

A Bloc is a group within a committee which includes countries with similar political views on the topic being debated in the committee. Committees will often have three Blocs most commonly including "With", "Against", and "Neutral" groups of countries in that commitee. Check out our delegate guids and handbook for more info: HERE

How many opening speeches in the case of two topics in a committee?

All delegates will have to give one single opening speech regardless of the amount of topics in a committee. If a delegate's committee has two topics, the delegate will have to cover both topics in one speech. For more information and examples of opening speeches: HERE

What to prepare beforehand?

Most important aspect of preparation is research, do your research and come prepared to enjoy the debates. An opening speech should also be prepared and given on the first day of the conference. Resolutions will be written in your committees during the conference.

How many Topics in a committee?

The amount of topics differs from committee to committee, where some committees will have one topics to debate and other committees will have two topics to debate. You can check out your committee's topics: HERE

Should we write position papers?

Position papers can be helpful for some delegates to get a better idea on how to better represent their countries but at FARISMUN you will not be asked to write one or submit one to your chairs. So, the final answer is NO you are not required to do so.