Frequently asked questions

Where will the conference take place?

This year's FARISMUN will be an online MUN. We will be hosting FARISMUN on the online platform "Discord". Download Discord How to use discord: HERE

Where to find country, topic, and committee?

We have sent out an email to all accepted delegates with a list of their respective committees and countries. Check your emails as soon as possible! The topics for each committee can be found on the committees page on our website. Make sure to check it out and do your research! Check out your committee topics HERE .

When will FARISMUN take place?

The FARISMUN conference will begin on the 10th of December and go on till the 12th of December. That's a fun, educational, and social three days for all our delegates! As for the timings, you can find that out in detail on the Programme page on our website. Find out HERE

When will I have access to my committee's Discord servers?

All the committee Discord links will be sent out to all our delegates on the day of the conference if not the day before the conference. Stay tuned and always check your email and our social media platfroms for announcements.

What certificates and awards will be given by FARISMUN?

Every delegate that has attended the three day course of the FARISMUN will be sent a Particpation certificate by our team. We will also be giving out one Best delegate award and two Honourable mention awards per committee for outstanding delegates.