"Strive for Serenity"



FARISMUN revolves around the theme of our global goal “Strive for Serenity'' where delegates within a varying number of  committees will debate to come up with solutions that will eventually result in peace and serenity for countries all over the world. We would like delegates to engage together and collaborate to help find the answer to reaching peace in our modern world.


December 10,11,12

See you soon!

message from the Secretary-General 

Honorable chairs, delegates, and distinguished guests,

On behalf of the FarisMUN Team, it is with great honor to announce the first Al-Faris Model United Nations to be held in the year 2020.

Our conference's theme ‘Strive for Serenity’ represents not just a way of thinking, or a theme for a conference; but a lifestyle. To Strive for Serenity isn't simply accepting reality as it is, but trying to change it through great efforts. In our world today, one that is packed with protests and revolutions, poverty and hunger, climate change and inequality... It is our duty to step up and make a difference. Engaging the youth in global issues is a key process of decision making for prevention and resolution of conflicts to secure the future we want. 

FarisMUN is a platform where the young minds can come together to discuss ideas for the better change of the world. Above all, we hope that FarisMUN will challenge and inspire delegates to take the lessons learned at conference beyond the committee room, continuing to tussle with the complex issues in the world today and work for a greater tomorrow!

Before ending, I would like to thank the teams and Secretaries General of the precursor FarisMUN 2020 who worked tirelessly to bring this conference to life, yet unfortunately never saw it strive. We hope to build off of your foundations and make you proud.

We hope to see you at FarisMUN very soon and wish you the most fruitful debate!

                                                                                                                                                  Your Secretary General,
Karim Abbas

Why Should you Join?

 Al Faris International School's Model United Nations will provide youngsters with an opportunity to challenge and develop skills in research, public speaking, and teamwork. These skills are essential as they are always needed in one’s career and this MUN gives you a chance to practice them while you're still a student. Don’t miss this opportunity and let's all be part of the solution and register now!